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homin skulls






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BUT...pictures like these, carelessly taken in a photomaton are flawed, because the 2D distorts everything.


Here is the same process applied to a 3D scan of my head, split exactly along the midline:




regularme3D righty3D lefty3D
my regular self in 3D right half mirrored left half mirrored
Now my “left” head does not appear so much smaller anymore...












  I am a physical anthropologist who specializes in 3D-anthropometry and shape analysis. I’m interested in human variability, past and present, and how it relates to our evolution and dispersal. While this is mostly academic, there is also a practical side to it: Ergonomics. Anyone who has been squeezed into an airplane for 8 hours, cursing the designer for not making more comfortable seats knows what I mean. 3D-anthropometry can help make things fit better, whether it is a seat, a pair of jeans, or the glasses through which you may be reading this page…